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If a candidate wants to rent a home through Huurinc Housing, we will of course screen the candidate carefully by requesting all financial documents. We will present the candidate to you and you determine whether or not you agree with the rental of your property to this candidate.

If your tenant rents for more than 12 months, the rent will be increased on the first of July of the new year. You will receive a message from one of our employees whether you want to increase the rent or not. Following your answer, we will inform your tenant.

In most cases, the energy is in the name of the new tenant.

If the house is rented without any furniture, or furished, it would be a clever decision to take out a very throughly insurance. By these companies, they obligate you to have all your properties mentioned in your insurance plan. If you fail to report this, the possibility may arise that any damage suffered will not be (fully) compensated. You can always contact one of our employees for more information on this matter.

Since July 1st, 2016, there are more options to include an end date in the lease. It is now possible to rent out a house temporarily, rent it temporarily or as a short stay. There are different legal options for different situations. For more information you can contact one of our employees.

We charge a percentage of the rent for technical, financial and commercial management. Please contact our office for more information. You can also always step in our office for a cup of coffee and information.

Huurinc Housing is familiar with the requirements set by banks for renting out with a vacancy law clausule. The rental process is the same. However, there are fewer interested parties when renting with this clause and the rent is often lower.

For example, if your home is part of an apartment complex, the landlord should check whether to report a lease to the owners association. An association of owners cannot prohibit renting. They may oblige the lessor to have the tenant sign the regulation. When renting to expats, this document (possibly a shortened version) must be supplied in English.

Most mortgage lenders have included a rental clause in their mortgage conditions. Often they state that renting out is not permitted without the (written) permission of the mortgage provider. The mortgage lender may have additional requirements. For example, they may require you to include a diplomatic clause or vacancy clause in the lease agreement.


Most landlords prefer not to rent to students. For the properties that are suitable for this, a guarantor is required when wanting to rent the property. This can be one of the parents or someone else.

You could increase your chances by delivering all necessary documents neatly and completely. Such as your last 3 payslips, (employer’s statement), copy of ID and a completed registration form. These documents are then examined in more detail to see whether you can rent the property. The owner will decide between you or the other candidates based on your documents.

We understand that you want to take your beloved pet to your new home. However, the landlords determine whether or not pets are allowed. The answer therefore differs per home / lessor. Check with one of our employees, they can inform you about this per property.

Once you are interested in a property and meet the income requirements, we can schedule a viewing immediately and without obligation. There is therefore no minimum registration time or waiting list!

Yes, there is an individual income requirement. You must earn a gross monthly income that you can use to prove that you can also provide for your living expenses in addition to the monthly fixed costs.

The first payment consists of the first month’s rent and deposit.

Not always, if he/she is present we recommend you try to leave a good impression with the landlord and use the opportunity to ask questions.

No, we work during office hours only.

We schedule viewings of the property every working day between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The tenant pays the landlord a deposit of one or two months’ rent. This deposit remains with Huurinc Housing until the tenant has delivered the living space after a lease termination. The deposit serves as security for “good” tenancy by the tenant. After completion, the property must be left in good condition. There may not be any rent arrears, upholstery and all furniture must be left completely and in good condition. The deposit paid may never be used as a rental payment.

If you are interested in a property, you can respond immediately. You can email us or you can also reach us by phone or visit our office.

You must meet the following conditions to receive housing allowance:

  • Your income and that of your allowance partner and co-residents is not too high.
  • You, your allowance partner and co-residents have the Dutch nationality or a valid residence permit.
  • Your rent is not too high.
  • The property you want to rent is an independent living space.
  • You are 18 years or older.
  • You live in the Netherlands.
  • You, your allowance partner and co-residents are registered with the municipality at your home address.
  • You and the landlord have signed a leasecontract.
  • You pay the rent and can prove this with bank statements. *

For more information regarding allowances, go to www.belastingdienst.nl/toeslagen

* No rights can be derived from the information given above.

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