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Investing in real estate in Eindhoven

Are you interested in investing into real estate in Eindhoven? Due to low-interest rates and high return on leased property, investing in real estate is a safe and profitable choice for your savings. Thus deciding which properties are profitable enough to invest into can be difficult, especially when not having the inside knowledge companies like us have. When entering this market for the first time, a lot of different aspects have to be taken into consideration.

At Huurinc Housing we know all the ins and outs of the market and can help you make the right choices. Making use of our large network will make the process of finding a suitable investment property smoother.

  • High quality real estate at the right location
  • Attractive return rates
  • Optimalisation of your portfolio
  • Professional knowledge of the right investments
  • Choose from long-term to more flexible investment periods

Finding suitable investment properties in Eindhoven

Finding a suitable and profitable investment property can be a difficult task. That is why it is wise to contact us for guidance . Thanks to our large portfolio and our many contacts, we can optimally serve you as a customer. We are also aware of silent sales, which increases your chances.

If required, we select a number of suitable objects for you and provide you with counseling. Did you already find a suitable property, we are more than happy to give you purchase guidance. We know all the aspects that are important when buying an investment property and will help you with all processes related to the purchase, such as:

  • Purchase guidance for investment properties
  • Selection and advice of suitable objects
  • Drawing up a financing plan and determining needs
  • Fiscal and legal counseling
  • Counseling on renovation options, expansion or new construction
  • Counseling on divisions and room layouts or apartments
  • Return (achieved, forecast, liquidity forecast, interest, repayment)
  • Wealth / municipality advice and regulations or policy

Drawing up a financing plan for your investment

When you start investing, you need a well reviewed financing plan. Knowing what returns you can expect and what you can invest in a property is of great importance. Besides that, we also know what prices are common in the Eindhoven region. We are happy to help you prepare a solid financing plan and apply for your needs.

This way you can start well prepared when investing in real estate in Eindhoven. In addition, we will meet up with you before, during, and after purchasing tax and legal advice. Our team of experts always has the answers to your questions. We also have ways to involve in international specialist.

What expected return will your investment property achieve?

The most important aspect of investing in real estate is what return you can expect. Through our guidance, we can tell you what the return has been in the past, but also make forecasts of future returns.

In addition, we help you draw up a liquidity forecast and provide you with an overview of interest and repayment. With our support, you are fully prepared for your investment property in Eindhoven regardig all areas, including financial matters.

We find the ideal tenant

Quality preservation of property owner

Quality preservation of property owner

Assistance with renovation, expansion or new construction plans

An investment property can rise extensively in value when renovations and/or expansions are made. We can happily assist you with calculating various scenarios. Through this way, you will have a clear overview of the (dis)-advantages and risks that are associated with each operation. When you are interested in investing into new constructions, sometimes new construction properties can be very interesting to invest into. Thus here you will also be confronted with different issues where you’d need substantiated guidance. Our experienced team wil happily provide you with all the information regarding this matter.

It can also be profitable to split a building, making double occupancy possible, or to create apartments and / or to create room dwellings in a large building. Ofcourse in this matter, major renovation takes place. Besides the construction aspects, many tax and legal matters are involved, which we can give you full support in. We are also happy to explain the municipal regulations or policies in and around Eindhoven.

After purchasing the property, we are here to manage it.

Would you like to rent out your investment property in Eindhoven and relinquish all concerns about this? At Huurinc Housing we gladly take this on ourselves. From finding suitable and reliable tenants to arranging the necessary maintenance. Moreover, you do not have to worry about collecting the rent and other financial matters, we take care of all financial, technical and commercial aspects of the rental.

Important for every real estate investor;

  • Robust real estate at the right location
  • Attractive return
  • Choose from long-term or more flexible investment periods.
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Starting with investment properties fully prepared

With our help, you can start your journey through investment properties and the extensive preparation. We will help you find high quality properties in the right locations in Eindhoven and the surrounding areas. In addition, with our help, we can assure you that you get an attractive return from your investment properties in Eindhoven. With our experienced team and large network, we can always help you in a professional manner and provide you with the correct information. We are also here to help you make the right choices when purchasing and managing the real estate.

Do you already have investment properties in a rented or unlet state? We are happy to help you minimize vacancy and to assess whether you are currently achieving optimum returns from your rented property.

Experience the service of Huurinc Housing

Within our company, our investment in clients are priority. Our focus on client- and service orientation is very clear throughout our day to day working method. Our main goal is to always ensure that the most profitable return is achieved.

We operate differently, from long-term to more flexible investment and lease terms. In addition, you remain in control. In the end, you are the one making the final decisions. You can always contact us, without any obligations, by filling in the contact form or by calling 040-7515151.

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