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Professional real estate management in Eindhoven

You have come to the right place at Huurinc Housing to manage your real estate in Eindhoven and the surrounding area. In addition to finding tenants for your property, you can also choose to let us perform the full propertymanagement. Our team has a lot of experience in managing real estate in Eindhoven. That is why our real estate management office is the right party to mediate in the management of your real estate.

By property management we mean:

  • Commercial management
  • Financial management
  • Technical management
  • Very extensive experience with mediation and property management in Eindhoven
  • Thanks to an extensive screening, we find a perfect suiting tenant for your home
  • If your home is unexpectedly empty, you will not pay us anything. No cure no pay!
  • Attractive rates
  • Free rental value determination on location
  • Extensive monthly financial reporting
  • All expertise for the professional rental and management of your living space under one roof
  • Vacancy minimalization
  • Annual informal meeting for our landlords

What can you expect if you choose to work with Huurinc Housing when renting out your property?

If you choose to cooperate with us, we will immediately start working with you and your property in a professional manner. In this way we use our extensive network to find suitable tenants. For this we take the following steps.

  • Your property will be forwarded directly to our suitable candidates;
  • Your property is immediately passed on and placed to more than 20 partner sites;
  • Your property will be included in our direct mail campaigns with photos and a discription;
  • Your property is registered with various international companies in the region;
  • Various advertisements from your property will be made and placed;
  • Viewings are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM;
  • Your property will be placed on our website within 24 hours after our visit (with the exception of visits at the weekend and / or in the evening);
  • A clear “for rent” poster or triangle sign on one of the windows of your property;
  • Clear information presented to you regarding rights / obligations and expected rental income;
  • Personal and professional guidance of potential tenants with every viewing;
  • We conduct contract negotiations with potential tenants in consultation with you;
  • Drawing up the extensive Dutch and / or English-language rental agreement;
  • In consultation, an (extensive) creditworthiness check of the new tenants;
  • The check-in: if necessary, checking the inventory list with the tenant;
  • Clear photo report to assist with check-in or out.
  • Collecting and transferring the rent;
  • First contact when service is required.

Managing your real estate with Huurinc Housing

At Huurinc Housing we are happy to take away all your worries. This way you enjoy all the benefits of renting real estate, while we perform all the necessary work for you. Both financial management and technical management are among our duties.

  • Very extensive experience with mediation and property management in Eindhoven
  • A reliable tenant for your property thanks to an extensive screening
    Attractive rates
  • If your home is empty, you will not pay us anything. No cure no pay policy.
  • All expertise for the professional rental and management of your living space through one company.

Carefree management

Only the benefits, not the worries

Professional repairs and maintenance

Financial management for your property in Eindhoven

There are a lot of aspects that are involved in financial and administrative management of your property. If you, as a property owner, have no time, or lack the right expertise to ensure the correct handling of finances and administration, then we, as a property management office in Eindhoven, are happy to take over these tasks.

When you rent out your property, there are various financial matters that need to be arranged, which you may not have thought about yourself.

For example, how will you ensure a smooth collection of the rent and deposit? What do you do if the tenant does not pay on time or does not pay enough? You do not have to think about these questions if we manage your property. At Huurinc Housing we manage all cash flows with regard to the rental of your property.

We provide a monthly financial overview. In addition, if necessary, the collection of the rent is arranged. The calculation of the service costs, making rental indexations, booking the administration and taking care of incoming and outgoing invoicing is arranged. In addition, the rent will of course be paid to you. We also prepare monthly rent settlements.

Technical management through your real estate management office in Eindhoven

Huurinc Housing also takes care of all technical management aspects of your property.
Careful technical management of your property is crucial. After all, it is extremely important that your home is and remains in good condition, because the value of your home and the satisfaction of the tenant depend on it. That is why we take care of everything regarding technical management.

We take action in the event of malfunctions and complaints. We perform an inspection and resolve disruptions and complaints for the tenants. We give you maintenance advice about your properties. Does major building maintenance have to be carried out? Then we take care of the request and guidance of the quotation process. We also engage the right professionals for other necessary maintenance. In the event of a change of tenant, inspections must take place to check the status of the property. We carry out these inspections for you and prepare inspection reports.

Important for every landlord;

  • You will be completely unburdened during the rental
  • We ensure that your property remains in good condition
  • Free rental value determination on location
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Performing inspections when change of tenants

The tenant has the responsibility of delivering the property in a good state at the end of the rental period. Any issues that are not in the right state will be noticed immediately during the comprehensive end inspection. With confidence we assure you that the property will be delivered in an excellent condition for the next tenant.

Why choose for Huurinc Housing for your property management in Eindhoven

With our professional team we offer you a carefree management of your real estate. Our professional team has years of experience with mediation and property management in Eindhoven. Thanks to our extensive screening, a reliable tenant is always found for your house or apartment. Is your house unexpectedly empty? Then of course you don’t have to pay us any costs. You can find everything you need from property management in Eindhoven at Huurinc Housing.

What are the costs of property management?

Of course you are curious what the costs are at Huurinc Housing. We charge a percentage of the rent for technical, financial and commercial management. That way you know exactly all the details regarding financial aspects in advance. If you are curious about the possibilities, please contact our company. You can also always step into our office for a cup of coffee.

Huurinc Housing has a strong team that can offer the best solutions in every case, not only administratively but also technically, we have our own employees who are available 12 hours a day!
For questions or a proposal without obligation, you can always contact us by telephone:
040 – 7515151 Or use the form below.

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