Property management

If you rent your property through us we can also carry out the management.

What you can expect from us:

Your item will be sent directly to our candidates;
Your object is passed directly to more than 20 partner sites and placed;
Your object with descriptions and pictures in our direct mail campaign;
Your object is to several major companies registered in the region;
Your object is placed in various advertisements;
Views Monday / Friday from 09:00 to 17:30;
Your item within 48 hours after admission (except recordings over the weekend and / or evening) with photo report on our website;
A clear "for rent" poster or triangle sign on one of the windows of your item;
Clear information to you regarding rights / obligations and expected rental income;
Personal and professional guidance to potential tenants at each visit;
We conduct contract negotiations with potential tenants in consultation with you;
Preparation of the comprehensive Dutch or English lease;
Consult an (extended) creditworthiness check of the new tenants (s);
Check-in: If necessary, run after the tenant of the inventory;
If necessary, a record / completion report to assist with check-in or out.
Collecting and paying the rent;
First point of contact when service is required.

Huurinc Housing has a solid team that can offer the best solution in each case. Not only administratively but also on the technical side, we have our own staff who are available 12 hours a day!

For further questions please call: 040-751 51 51.

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