What we do

Huurinc Housing helps you in many ways to find a suitable home. Through our website you have access to a broad range of rental properties. This offer is free for everyone.

Because you choose to register with Huurinc Housing you will have an effective and efficient way to quickly find good housing in the Eindhoven region. The advantages of registering with Huurinc Housing include:

  • Access to the largest selection of rental properties in Eindhoven;
  • Visit Monday / Friday from 09: 00- 17:00;
  • Both short (from 1 month) and long (indefinite) term;
  • No long waiting lists;
  • Always up to date and we have a complete range on our website;
  • Friendly and professional staff;
  • We strive to view our properties with up to max. 4 people at a time.
  • You will be kept automatically informed by e-mail on new homes that match your lifestyle;
  • No cure, no pay: After all, you only pay brokerage commission once you have found a suitable accommodation and conciliation through Huurinc Housing.
  • We have a broad file of rental properties file from Eindhoven Region;
  • Huurinc Housing has a very sophisticated search engine that looks at all the homes of fellow landlords and matches with your profile. If we don't have anything interesting for you in our database, and we can help you directly but we can via a different route, than we will, in partnership with our colleagues. Through this service you do not need be registered at everywhere.one is enough and that is Huurinc Housing;
  • Huurinc Housing knows the house, the landlord and the neighborhood from A to Z;
  • Huurinc Housing determines in advance whether rents are "reasonable". You will not find overly priced homes in our database
  • Your personal information will be treated with care and discretion;

If you find a house that you find appealing, give us a call: 040-751 51 51 to arrange a viewing appointment.

Before we go visit a house you must register.The following documents are required (obviously personal information is carefully treated). Because it makes no sense to go visit a house while the rent is too high:

What we need

Copy of identity / visa or residence permit. In the case of commercial properties, we also require a recent excerpt from the Chamber of Commerce;

Copy of your last payslip and employers statement / income statement / recent balance in case of a private company. Based on your payslip, etc. we check whether you meet the minimum income requirement that we maintain. We also evaluate on the basis of this data or you qualify for a home / business. As a rule, up to 1/3 spend to rent a good balance. For business properties, different rules apply, you must be here to take into account that we require additional deposit in the case of a private enterprise;

Landlord Statement if you are currently already rent a house;

Copy of a recent bank statement, in order to verify that your address matches that specified on the bank statement.

All documents are archived at Huurinc Housing. Even if you keep a house assigned us the documents, a potential landlord will not see this without your approval.

Please note that a minimum of one month's rent as a security deposit is required to make, in the case of commercial properties are often asked for a deposit of three months.

Note: Tenants who have no adequate income, as well as students should ALWAYS sign a guarantee by someone a (provable) income of 3x the rental price of the home you are renting through Huurinc Housing. Students (in whatever form) will always have to sign a guarantee. The guarantor of course, the above points -1, -2 and -3 to discuss.

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